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Brucom is above all else, an engineering company. Here we design and manufacture electromechanical assemblies. This is not achieved by utilising modern tools and machinery alone, but by engineering form and function right from the start.

Cost Saving Ideas

We are trained to create wire harness and assembly designs that meet both quality standards and performance specifications, whilst paying attention to production costs.

Research and Development

For customers who need a new product design, our engineering department can provide expert assistance with your wire harness or assembly design.

Cable Assembly

We offer a wide range of cable assembly products. Just some of these products range from battery, braided earth, high voltage, heavy duty, ribbon, to high-quality vehicle cables.

Wiring Looms

Brucom manufactures wiring looms for markets such as Automotive, Military, Emergency Services, White Goods, Safety, Power Generation and more.


As an automotive and military harness manufacturer, we recognise that water ingress and mechanical wear and tear degrades electrical systems. To this end, Brucom has invested heavily in overmold technology.

Box Build

Brucom is highly experienced in box builds and control boxes as. We are frequently known for designing or redesigning current systems that have improved efficiency, quality, and reduced customer costs.

PCB Boards

PCB design, assembly and manufacture of conventional or hybrid printed circuit boards to our client’s specification. This can be done using our own procurement of PCB components or from free issue materials.

Custom Labeling / Identification

We understand that your products contribute to your brand's identity. Labeling can play a huge part in communicating the value of your product to the buyer.

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Brucom Battery Cable manufacture all products in-house, with a team of experienced staff using the latest equipment.

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  • August 2018
  • 2003

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